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The 10 Best Hawaiian Restaurants near me in Elk City, Oklahoma

Hawaiian Restaurants near me in Elk City, Oklahoma, US.

Dairy Mart

308 S Main, Union City, OK 73090, USA

"The Dairy Mart makes a great old fashioned burger! It is only 15-20 minutes from Mustang. I will eat there again."

Eischen's Bar

109 S 2nd St, Okarche, OK 73762, USA

"Always a great time at Eischen's. The whole fried chicken is delicious and served up with the finest white bread, two types of pickles (dill/bread and butter) and pickled onions. Make sure you ask for ranch or hot sauce if needed and don't be scared to ask for more bread or pickles! The okra is great too. Be ready if you order the large, it's enough to feed 3 or 4 adults alone!
It is kid friendly but I'd suggest going earlier in the day before it gets packed and rowdy. Either way you'll have a good time!"

Lucky Star Casino - Concho

7777 US-81, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"I have been going to this Casino for years. I like the variety of machines and the large building. Wish they would open the little snack bar back up. The water in the restrooms on the South side by the cashiers is super hot. Like hot enough they could be sued if someone is scalded. Not sure why they don't turn the cold up or the hot down."

Sam’s Southern Eatery - El Reno

1218 Sunset Dr, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

I can't believe I did not know of this place.
We happened to be in El Reno and stumbled upon Sam's Southern Eatery. The food is amazing. Portions are big. I had to actually leave with a to go and that is rare for me. Great price too. I got the fish, shrimp and chicken. Best I have had in a long time. Wife does eat seafood so she got the philly sandwich and she loved it. A very clean environment and waitstaff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be driving the extra miles to come to El Reno more often just to eat at this place."

Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

2028 S 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"ICECREAM is always GOOD!!!
Drive thru can be crowded but still seem to get to the window quickly. Some employees are a bit short with words & often get my order wrong. If I catch it before getting home they are happy to fix it."

Godfather's Pizza Express

1001 W Choctaw Ave, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"the large god father's combo pizza... is the best in town.. the girls are the best . they put love in my pizza.. n it's the best.. you want a mouth full of goodness. go see the girls. it's amazing..."

Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

2201 S Country Club Rd, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"Their ice cream is amazing! The grocery store part is so convienent if you don't want to go to walmart for a few things. The food......welll they have other things going for them in my experiences. Thank you for all you do!"


1202 S 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"I accidentally left my phone there and they were very nice to hold it for me until I got there to pick it up."

Burger King

2500 S Country Club Rd, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"Food was very good. Haven't had Burger King in a bit as there is not one near me. The Texas Double Whopper was awesome. I love spicy food and as this had jalapenos on it, it did not disappoint. The service was fast and friendly as well."

Chickasha Donuts

1621 S 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"Different, but in a good way. I wasn't expecting all the breakfast items, just donuts. But they had a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches and burritos.Tried some and they were good. They just need to be in a better location. They're kind of hidden in the back of the little shopping center they're in."

Nachitos Mexican Amer Grill

427 US-81, Minco, OK 73059, USA

"I was in Minco around lunch time so I explored the food options and decided on Nachitos Mexican. The place was pretty packed when I pulled in so that's always a good sign the food must be good. I was not disappointed. It was muy bueno. The decor was pretty typical for Mexican restaurant but I did appreciate the artist did a terrific job painting the murals.

Chips & queso were superb and I selected cheese enchiladas for my entree along with the customary rice and beans. The food was really good and the staff was attentive. I accepted the complimentary sopapilla and topped it off with a couple of squirts of local honey. It was delicious. I was pleased with my lunch choice."

Riverview Farm Baking Company

650 N Main, Union City, OK 73090, USA

"We finally had a chance to try this coffee shop and wow, it was definitely worth trying! Mrs. Flip Out ordered a breve latte and said it was great. I ordered a salted caramel steamer and it was good. What truly sets this coffee shop apart, is it’s cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins. They still had some when we stopped by and we got one of each. They were exceptional! If you find yourself near Union City, give them a try."

Sid's Diner

300 S Choctaw Ave, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"this is the infamous sids diner. i had their infamous onion burger. to be honest with you the onion burgers are no different from regular burgers. i will however mention these are really good superb burgers. the food is really good here. but if you heard of fried onion burgers being regional oklahoma foods to try and expect something different they are not. they are just like regular burgers but the burgers here are very good."

Pizza Xpress

1545 SW 27th St, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"I was out for lunch and pizza was sounding good. So stopped in while the buffet was open. The salad bar had a wide selection of toppings and looked fresh. They had a wide variety of pizzas and they asked if there was a pizza I was expecting and didn’t see and offered to make it if that was the case. I really enjoyed the salad bar, and the pizzas I tried all tasted great and were very fresh also. I’ll definitely have to bring the family next time. The inside looked recently remodeled and the service was excellent."

Burger King

2212 S 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"2212 S 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018
This is a very fine group of employees that the managers should be very proud of, They are polite, clean, curious, and the building inside the floors are clean (which is important to me) and tables are clean. I noticed they keep their trash cans empty and wiped off. They really deserve the five stars and more."

Redlands CC Cougar Corner

1300 S Country Club Rd, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"They handle your college books that you need"

Taco Mayo

1633 U.S. Rt. 66, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"Twice in the last two weeks I have tried to get a simple chicken soft taco with sour cream. The first time I ordered, I got a soft beef taco, no cheese and no sour cream. The second time I tried, I got a soft beef taco with sour cream no lettuce. Will not be going back.

UPDATE; Huge improvement in service and product. I would definitely recommend."

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