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The 10 Best Moving Companies near me in Elk City, Oklahoma

Moving Companies near me in Elk City, Oklahoma, US.

WHB Transportation LLC

491 County Street 2880, Tuttle, OK 73089, USA

"Awesome crew. In and out in under an hour"

Garrett LLC - Tenaris Oklahoma Service Center

1338 Co Rd 1270, Amber, OK 73004, USA

"Great people fast work love to deliver here! Free coffee every morning too (lol)"

Jim Johnson Oil Company

2501 OK-66, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"Very helpful & friendly. The prices are very reasonable. They fill your container & load it for you! I have sent recomendations to my family & friends. You have a return customer in me."

Hoffman Transportation Inc

1201 N 16th St, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"We are a mid-level brokerage firm called InterCity Direct and we use Hoffman Trans on a regular basis. They are always very dependable and their communication is awesome. Buffie Howe is great to work with, very responsive, honest and always on top of her game. Highly recommended!!"

Firestone Trucking Inc

23 Main St, Minco, OK 73059, USA

"Management and ownership are top notch! Training is very thorough and all actions completed daily from top down are conducive to a healthy work environment for employees as well as customers and the public that it serves! A welcomed change to the "typical" oilfield service company!"

Green Book Cannabis Company

1201 S Rock Island Ave, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"It's a small but mighty little place. Jeff and Kimberly are fantastic people. It's small just the way I like it, my mind(what's left of it. Lol) I don't have to keep changing my mind cause they seem to know what you want or need. Jeff and Kimberly are so friendly and easy to for me to talk to. I hope to see y'all this Saturday April 23 at 12pm-6pm for lots of fun, food, and things. I will definitely be there and I will continue to visit them often. Thank you."

Dot-Line Transportation

3601 Valley Park Dr, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"I give this company 5 stars because when my husband and I lost our truck as owner operators due to expenses to get it repaired for major issues. We applied for positions at this company. We got hired on and in no time at all we put in over close to 7000 miles working off of recaps, anyone who knows the trucking business knows what that means for a team. We in no time caught up on our Bill's and was able to pay our truck note. Being able to finally get our truck out of the shop we finally took the time out to get it from the state of Colorado. Upon our return to work and put our truck on since we love the company so much it broke down 20 miles from the terminal this time needing 6,500 dollars worth of work after already shelling out 30,000 plus we called it quits. I called our boss to ask if someone could pick us up and he immediately turned around and from the direction he was going and he picked us up. We still had our company truck from Dot line transportation and have not looked back. I say all of this to say if you are wanting a company where the owners care about drivers and you don't mind the ups and downs that go along with trucking and a small company with big freight this is definitely the company for teams!!!!!! Every company is imperfect as we are as humans ,but dot line transportation is mine and my husbands perfectly imperfect company. We have been here 1 year and 6 months and we have not had this much peace of mind at a company."

Two Vets Clothing Company

1427 S 4th St suite b, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"I was very pleased by their service and their welcoming atmosphere and their encouragement to open-carry in their store. Their merchandise is absolutely one of a kind and their reward cards keeps me to be a returning customer. Thank you vets for you service to our country. I highly recommend this business!"

Heartland Energy Solutions

2401 Spur Ln, El Reno, OK 73036, USA

"I've been blessed by the owner and the few who were there to help me through the most difficult times anyone should ever have to face in his or her lifetime. I'm forever grateful & thankful to you who actually gave a damn! Thank you Garrett for stepping up and taking the chance at a time it was going to be shut down and everyone would have been without a job. God Speed Gentleman. You guy's will always be family to me. Last but not least Mr. Tim Moss deserves a salute as a man who is sharper than his colleagues & played an integral part in building the business to becoming the largest in the state.Great Company to have worked for."

Riverview Farm Baking Company

650 N Main, Union City, OK 73090, USA

"We finally had a chance to try this coffee shop and wow, it was definitely worth trying! Mrs. Flip Out ordered a breve latte and said it was great. I ordered a salted caramel steamer and it was good. What truly sets this coffee shop apart, is it’s cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins. They still had some when we stopped by and we got one of each. They were exceptional! If you find yourself near Union City, give them a try."

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