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The 10 Best Municipal Department of Sports near me in Elk City, Oklahoma

Municipal Department of Sports near me in Elk City, Oklahoma, US.

Tuttle Fire Department

4 SE 2nd St, Tuttle, OK 73089, USA

"God Bless Our Tuttle Firefighters.. Thank You For Your Service To This Great Community.."

Union City Police Department

101 Elm Ave, Union City, OK 73090, USA

"Union City Police Department is tough on traffic crime because it keeps the other crimes from happening. It’s policing 101. There are two major highways through Union City and the tickets we write or not for 5-10 mph over is from 15-30 miles per hour over unless you have attitude with the police for pulling you over just to give you a warning for your 10 miles per hour over. The officers are doing their job to make sure everyone is safe and to keep the other crimes away. Give respect and get respect back. Remember we have families also that need us back home."

Kingfisher County Health Department

124 E Sheridan Ave # 101, Kingfisher, OK 73750, USA

"Super friendly and incredibly efficient. We are so thankful to have gotten my grandparents and great aunts and uncles scheduled and rescheduled for their COVID vaccinations. This whole situation has been such chaos, but the ladies at the Kingfisher Health Department have handled it with such organization and grace."


1700 Garth Brooks Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099, USA

"Always been good!
Update they are amazing. Chloe went beyond to take care of me. I didn't realize that If you ordered online you have to go inside to pick up. Chloe, after patiently helping me with the app, realized that I wouldn't be able to change it but brought my items out to me anyways!! Thank you!"

Richland Fire Department

10510 5th St, Yukon, OK 73099, USA

"They do a great job for volunteers"

Minco Police Department

202 Main St, Minco, OK 73059, USA

"I want to say Thank you to Sergeant Stillo because I reported my car stolen cuz I couldn't see it on my camers so I want to thank Sergeant Stillo I hope I spelled your name correct anyways I want to thank you for your help and it was so nice of you to go to my home to check for me that my car was still there and not stolen like i thought it was God Bless You and Keep You Safe"

Grady County Health Department

2116 W Iowa Ave, Chickasha, OK 73018, USA

"Everyone I came in contact with there was super nice and very organized when I got my first vaccination for Covid. Just praying they’re open for the booster when I’m supposed to go back next week"

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